My name is Ilana Stonebraker and I’m running for the District 1 Tippecanoe County Council position. District 1 includes most of the city of Lafayette, north of Beck Lane (see map).

I am running for County Council District 1 because I have a passion for this county and its community. One of the focuses of my campaign is being citizen-centric, and I mean it.  As a candidate I have personally knocked over 2000 doors in the district.

At doors and in meetings, I focus my time listening to people’s concerns about local government and learning about what matters to my neighbors in the district. Please consider supporting our campaign with your donation or volunteering.

Residents of District 1 can also volunteer to have a yard sign in their lawn this fall.  If you are interested in supporting our campaign in this way, please sign up using our yard sign form. Thank you for giving me the chance to earn your vote this November 6!


Ilana Stonebraker:

  • Purdue tenured professor: focus on civic education, business information, and research
  • Taught “Making Greater Lafayette Greater” course focused on getting students involved in the community
  • Active in the community (Greater Lafayette Commerce Quality of Life Council, Town-Gown Committee. Board member and Education Co-Director at Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies)
  • Awards: Greater Lafayette Top 10 under 40 by Tippy Connect, Library Journal Mover and Shaker- Educator category, Purdue University Teaching Academy Inductee, a Purdue Teaching for Tomorrow Fellow
  • For more information, see Endorsements

County Council:

  • Approves annual operating budgets of all county departments (including the Sheriff’s office and the courts)
  • Approves funding priorities for capital projects

Where Ilana Stonebraker will focus her efforts:

  • Fiscal Stewardship. Setting county budgets is an exercise in understanding community values and setting priorities. Prioritization is not just a good suggestion, it’s absolutely indispensable especially in crisis. The opioid epidemic is hitting Tippecanoe County hard, such that the county is considering raising income tax to help fund  policing, jails, and courts. But response to this crisis should consider the effects on our schools and cities, not just our justice system. Tippecanoe County does not face this alone, we must find more opportunities to work together to share the fiscal load.
  • Transparency. One area where the County Council lags well behind other elements of local government is in transparency and accountability. The evening public budget meetings are a good example. The meeting was not posted on the county webpage. The proposed budget was not posted on county website. The last three months of meeting minutes were not posted. No one from the public attended. The meeting lasted six minutes, for a $50mil+ budget! We must keep our recordings up to date on the county website, we must post our county budget on the county website, and we must work to improve our county website including making it ADA-compliant and mobile friendly.
  • Future Focused. Finally, we need to bring Tippecanoe County government into the 21st century. We can’t keep running the County the same as it was 20 years ago.  We need fresh perspectives and we need to invite our community to collaborate with us to make Tippecanoe County greater. I propose that the County Council create a Citizens Academy where people can learn more about county government, like the one currently implemented in Monroe County. Finally, County Council should take the lead in funding-related data analysis. Having better information when we prioritize how to allocate funds ensures that no community need should ever be a surprise come budget time.

Organizational Endorsements:

Greater Lafayette Indivisible “Greater Lafayette Indivisible proudly announces our endorsed candidates for this November’s general election. These candidates support our mission by strengthening voting rights, being responsive to their constituents, and supporting equality and justice for all.” About the organization: Greater Lafayette Indivisible stands “united in civic engagement to restore the heart of our democracy as a diverse and respectful organization of grassroots advocacy for all, with justice, equality, and inclusion.


Indiana Young DemocratsIndiana Young Democrats (IYD)  As the official youth caucus of the Indiana Democratic Party, IYD mobilizes young people between the ages of 14 and 35 to participate in the electoral process, influence elections, promote the ideals of the Democratic Party



Run for Something These first-time candidates all have the heart and hustle that is so important to us at RfS, and we are proud to give them our endorsement. Put simply, they are the type of people we think the Party needs and the type of candidates who are going to work hard. They are knocking on doors and stepping up to run grassroots, community-led campaigns.” –Ross Morales Rocketto, RfS co-founder. About the organization: Run for Something recruits and supports talented, passionate young people who advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench. Website: www.runforsomething.net

Citizen endorsements:

“I am happy to endorse Ilana Stonebraker for County Council. Ilana is a professional who brings creativity and realism to every aspect of her work. As a business librarian, she has guided colleagues and students in making fact-based decisions. She is an expert in using databases and data to support effective decision making. Just as important, Ilana has led a Purdue Honors class focused on Making Greater Lafayette Greater. Through teaching her class, she has been actively learning about community issues in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County. She brings a wealth of knowledge about local issues and government functions that support a healthy and vibrant community. I’m excited about Ilana’s candidacy. The County will benefit from her fresh perspective, her dedication to strong communities, and her ability to work with people from all backgrounds to accomplish goals. Ilana will help Tippecanoe County make decisions that will make our county strong today and into the future.” – Joy Dietz


“I’ve worked with Ilana for years and enthusiastically endorse her in her run for County Council. Ilana is highly informed, passionate about people and her community and takes meaningful actions to achieve her goals. Everything she does, she does far beyond expectations. She is an accomplished leader in our community already, and I know she will continue to work hard, listen, learn and succeed on our County Council.”  -Amanda Thompson, Elevate Entrepreneur in Residence, Purdue Foundry


Ilana Stonebraker, Farm Bureau Meet the Candidates, April 3, 2018


Tippecanoe County Democratic Party Gala
Thursday, Oct. 11, Cocktails 6pm, Dinner at 7pm
The Columbia Room, 625 Columbia Street, Lafayette IN

Fall Classic 5k Walk/Run for Mental Illness Advocacy
Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018, 12-3:30pm
Former Lafayette Municipal Golf Course, 800 Golfview Road, Lafayette

General Election , Tuesday, Nov. 6, 6am-6pm


Ilana Stonebraker has knocked on over 2000 doors during the campaign, talking to voters.

If you or your media outlet is interested in contacting the campaign for a story or candidate information you can use our contact form. News and media organizations can use the following digital assets in their reporting, crediting Courtesy of the Committee to Elect Ilana Stonebraker.


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Step 1: A voter must be 18 by Tuesday, November 6, 2018, to cast a ballot in the Tuesday, November 6, 2018, General Election.

Step 2:You must reside in Tippecanoe County Council District 1 (Tippecanoe County) to vote for County Council District 1. Tippecanoe County is divided into four County Council Districts. If you don’t know what County Council District you live in you can check the district map HERE.

Step 3: You must be registered to vote. If you aren’t registered or want to check your registration HERE.

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