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Jennifer Teising
Hi, I’m Mike and I’d like your vote!

I care about Township government and I have experience. I’m running for re-election because I want to ensure proper funding of our fire department and meaningful township assistance. I’ve spent my career and volunteer time helping others who are striving to solve a problem, advocate for an issue, and fix injustices in mental health, homelessness, economic opportunity, and civic engagement. I’ll use these experiences to help streamline our township assistance services.

Wabash Township has a population of 59,000 people. Its geographical boundaries are the Wabash river on the east and south, county road 500 to the west and the county line to the north. It encompasses the City of West Lafayette, Purdue University, the West Lafayette School District and parts of Tippecanoe School District. For more information on the township go to www.wabashtrustee.com. For more information on the campaign visit me on Twitter or Facebook at Ox4Wabash.

As a community volunteer, I’ve served with/on West Lafayette Public Library Foundation Board, League of Women Voters Board, Freedom Indiana, Lafayette Independent, Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness, and the Public Policy Committee at 3rd House. I’ve also been through several professional development programs our community offers: Indiana Nonprofit Board of Governance Series, the Tippy Connect Mentor/Mentee Program, Leadership Lafayette, and the Peer/Union Counseling United Way Community Awareness Program.

Thanks again. If you need to know anything reach out to me! I’m always ready for a good political discussion — or tussle 😉

Please vote for me on November 6, 2018!

About Wabash Township

Township Government is important to your community:

  • Provides fire protection
  • Administers township assistance
  • Manages township property
  • Providing and maintaining our cemeteries

The trustee office is located

On Klondike Road in the same building as the Fire Department.

Wabash Township is located in Tippecanoe County

Wabash Township encompasses most of West Lafayette city, including Purdue, east to the Wabash River, west to 500, north to the Tippecanoe county line, and south to the Wabash River.

Wabash Township is the largest township in Tippecanoe County

The population is 59,000. According to Wikipedia our township is one of the most culturally diverse in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau 39.7% of our residents are below the poverty line.


Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

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Voting Information


Step 1: A voter must be 18 by Tuesday, November 6, 2018 to cast a ballot in the Tuesday, May 8, 2018 Primary Election.

Step 2: You must reside in Wabash Township (Tippecanoe County) to vote for the trustee. If you don’t know what township you live in you can check HERE. (The 5th line of the chart is the township designation)

Step 3: You must be registered to vote. If you aren’t registered or want to check your registration you can do that HERE.

Step 4: You can vote early, which is faster and easier than waiting until election day.  Find early voting information HERE.

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