West Lafayette City Council District 3

Shannon Kang

Jennifer Teising

My name is Shannon Kang, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and am currently a freshman at Purdue University studying Political Science and minoring in Spanish and Statistics. I am one of the 40,000 students at Purdue University.

I am running for city council because I want to be a liaison between the students and our politicians. It is so important, especially in a college town, to make thorough decisions and set the tone for present and future generations.

I want to be there for the student-citizens who want to use their voice, but don’t know where to start. Sustainability, women’s rights, and inclusion are just some of my core values, but I want to hear what you value. We can change how people engage in politics by registering voters and starting a conversation. I’m ready to work for you, all you have to do is vote.

Voting Information

Step 1: A voter must be 18 by Tuesday, November 5, 2019 to cast a ballot in the General Election.

Step 2: You must reside in West Lafayette (Tippecanoe County) District 3 to vote for the District 3 Councilor. If you don’t know what district you live in you can check HERE via Google Maps. 

Step 3: You must be registered to vote by October 7, 2019. If you aren’t registered or want to check your registration you can do that HERE.

Step 4: You can vote early, which is faster and easier than waiting until election day.  Find early voting information HERE.


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