West Lafayette City Council District #2
Peter Bunder

Jennifer Teising

First, thank you so much for the votes you have given me over these last three terms.

I want to see how the story ends.

Mayor Dennis, the city staff, the Redevelopment Commission, and the City Council (I serve as it’s President.) have managed to give us a sound, sane, and sometimes brave brand of local government. The last four years have seen annexation, a reconstructed State St., and the creation of a new urban downtown.

The next four years will see us move into a new recreation center, a remodeled city hall (Morton Center), and develop a land use plan for our riverside.

In District #2, I am proud of how the New Chauncey land use plan has managed to balance redevelopment with the preservation of single-family homes.
If you live on Littleton or Robinson historic preservation has saved your – – – – bacon – – – – this year. Want to remodel your 1920’s bungalow? There is now money to help you do that. After NINE YEARS of work, this year New Chauncey gets street lights; the first dozen will be on Salisbury and Quincy. I’m planning a campaign photo of me standing next to one.

There are a lot of angry, crazy people in politics these days. We aren’t them.

Thanks to everyone who, over the last twelve years, has called, emailed, written – even dropped by my office at 610 Meridian – to share their thoughts, complaints, and hopes for the city. All of us on the council actually DO enjoy conversations about scooters, “Air BnB’s”, pottery kilns, streetlights, State St., the Riverside, our recycling center; WHATEVER 🙂

Thank you too for understanding how often we are limited by a terrible state government.

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Voting Information

Step 1: A voter must be 18 by Tuesday, November 5, 2019 to cast a ballot in the General Election.

Step 2: You must reside in West Lafayette (Tippecanoe County) District 2 to vote for the District 2 Councilor. If you don’t know what district you live in you can check HERE via Google Maps.

Step 3: You must be registered to vote by October 7, 2019. May 21st Voter Registration Opens. If you aren’t registered or want to check your registration you can do that HERE.

Step 4: You can vote early, which is faster and easier than waiting until election day.  Find early voting information HERE.


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